About the Project


The Project “Through Art we Ruin Borders» is implemented within Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 , which is co-financed by the European Union.

The project will help to save the cultural heritage monuments in the town of Michalovce and the city of Uzhhorod , filling them anew with a meaningful content and function, thanks to the project, municipal galleries and professional tourist information centres of European standard will be established.

A comprehensive reconstruction of the monument of national cultural heritage of Slovakia - the building in the town of Michalovce "Golden Bull" will be carried out within the project. This building will be transformed into an city gallery and tourist information center.

The reconstruction will also include purchase of equipment and furniture, installation of a video camera system, purchase of a sound system, multimedia equipment and installation of the necessary ICT equipment. Due to the project, municipal galleries and professional tourist information centers will be created basing on the European standards, in the twin cities of Michalovce (Slovakia) and Uzhhorod (Ukraine).

The project will help to unite the people of the crossborder regions through culture, art, common history, and promote the cultural heritage of the regions as a basic pillar of tourism development. The city of Michalovce (Slovakia) together with the city of Uzhhorod (Ukraine), Municipality of Sátoraljaújhely will implement a joint project which is aimed at increasing the number of visits in the galleries, drawing people into cultural life through innovative creative forms, raising awareness of the neighbouring regions through smart applications, creative workshops, symposia, as well as at offering an overview of complex tourism services in the regions of Zemplín, Zemplén and Zakarpattia in multiple language versions.


Within the Project, it is also planned:

  • to create a smart mobile application
  • to create a documentary film "History and modernity of the common region"
  • to develop a tourist guide
The Project lasts from October 2019, tand it is planned to be finished until October 2021.
  • Project full title:

    Through Art we Ruin Borders

  • Project acronym:


  • Project number:

    HUSKROUA / 1702 / 3.1 / 0042

  • Name of the Lead Applicant:

    Town of Michalovce, Slovakia

  • Name of the Lead Applicant:

    Planned total budget of the project: 1 296 729,25 EUR, Requested EU contribution: 998 750,76 EUR

  • Duration of the project (months):

    X / 2019 - X / 2021

Project Activities

  • Creation of municipal galleries and tourist information centers

    • Reconstruction of the building, equipping of the “Golden Bull”, cultural monument in Michalovce (Slovakia) for the needs of the municipal gallery and tourist information center;
    • Arrangement of premises for the needs of the municipal gallery and tourist information center in Uzhhorod (Ukraine).
  • Implementation of activities in the field of culture

    • Organization of cross-border art exhibitions;
    • Conducting cross-border creative workshops;
    • Introduction of open air international symposia of painting and sculpture.
  • Innovative information channels and tourist products

    • Development and launch of a mobile smart application;
    • Creation of a documentary film "History and modernity of the common region". Creating guides to comprehensive services.

About «Golden Bull»

The historical building Golden Bull belongs to prominent landmarks of Michalovce and is one of the oldest buildings in the town. One of the richest residents in Michalovce, Gabriel Strömpl, had the new multi-storey hotel Zlatý býk built at the site of his demolished house in years 1905–1906. Since then, the hotel called "Golden Bull" has become the largest and the most representative building in the city. The Strömpl family owned several butcher shops and therefore it is not surprising that the build-ing‘s facade is decorated with the golden bull‘s head. The building is built in an eclectic style with elements of Art Nouveau and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Michalovce (Slovakia).

Golden Bull building